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来日後、大阪は中之島に入り、古くより馴染み深い、山本勝浩さんが運営する「Cafe and Diner Flowers」にて、”The Vintage Jukebox Tour”と題された、貴重なスペシャルフリーライブを開催。




”The Vintage Jukebox Tour”

【日程】2019年 9月 19日

【時間】19時00分 ~

【場所】Cafe and Diner Flowers(大阪市北区中之島5-3-60 中之島バンクス CENTER-A)


【出演】Kimba and Ryan

・Kimba Griffith – vocals

・Ryan Griffith – guitar




[Kimba and Ryan|Introduction]


Husband and wife duo Kimba and Ryan; his big old jazz guitar…her warm, enveloping tones. A guitar, a voice, the sound of music in a room; the heart of the song.

Melbourne based jazz duo Kimba and Ryan possess a gift for drawing out the story in each song and both their original melodies and sensitive reworkings are underpinned with a sense of longing, a whimsical ache and a loyalty to the jazz idiom. Two decades of loving and living a life of music together means these two have an effortless knowing of the other, allowing the music to be both lyrical and conversational.

A finalist in the 2014 National Jazz Awards and a proponent of small group guitar ensembles, guitarist Ryan Griffith is known for his expressive approach to solo jazz guitar. Kimba is known for her light-footed approach to melody and her innate sense of swing, featuring with all of Melbourne’s major jazz big bands and vocal bebop combos.

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